About NH Rabbits

Hello, and thank you for joining us here at NH Rabbits. My name is Dave Alvarez, and I own a small farm called Heaven’s Haven in New Hampshire where I raise rabbits. Twelve years ago, I went to a small farm sell and fell in love with the idea of raising rabbits. I began showing rabbits at the local state fair to learn more about the small animals. From there, I started looking into expanding my rabbit herd and came across someone raising rabbits for meat. I was intrigued by the idea, so I began researching more about raising meat rabbits. 

Now, I have been raising meat rabbits for just over nine years and have not looked back. It has become my favorite meat animal to raise because of how simple it is and how quickly they produce meat for my family.

Though I do not claim to know everything about raising rabbits for meat, I know that my knowledge on the subject can help other homesteaders begin their journey into meat rabbits. 

Be sure to continue following this page to hear about my adventures and to get tips and ideas on how to set up your own meat rabbits. Hopefully you will be producing meat for your family in no time.