Providing Food for Your Rabbits

There are four basic things that your rabbit’s diet should include: clean water, fresh hay, high-quality pellets, and fresh vegetables occasionally. You can typically find pellets that are high quality at a local feed or pet store. Be sure to find pellets that are high in fiber. Don’t buy too much at once, though, because it may spoil before you can finish the bag off, and that would be bad for your bunnies. For my rabbits, I will generally buy one fifty-pound bag that lasts around two weeks. Store the feed where it can stay dry and it will last longer.

Your rabbits should always have hay available to them throughout the day and night. The roughage and fiber of the hay helps their digestive tract stay healthy. You can build a basic hanging hay feeding using scrap wire. Just look online to find ideas to do so.

Keeping fresh water in the cage is critical to the health of your rabbits. You will need to change their water each day. When the temperatures are hot, you may need to change it more often. You can consider using the hanging water bottles if you only have a few rabbits. These can generally be found in pet stores and feed stores. Many online stores carry them as well.

When it comes to feeding your rabbits fresh vegetables, do so in moderation. If you feed them too much, it may cause diarrhea in your rabbits. Though having fresh greens is important in the diet of your rabbits, they don’t need to have too much. I will typically give them fresh veggies two or three times each week, and only give them one type at a time to see how it affects them. Never feed your rabbits veggies that have mold on them. Try giving your rabbits carrot pieces, cabbage, lettuce, and other leafy greens.

Feeding rabbits is pretty straightforward and simple. Just follow the advice above to keep your rabbits happy and healthy.