Providing Housing for Your Rabbits

If you look online, you will find a long, endless list of plans and ideas for housing rabbits. Simply type in “rabbit cage” or “rabbit hutch” and you may be overwhelmed. You can make your rabbit cage an all-wire cage or create a huge rabbit mansion depending on your preferences. The main point to remember is that your rabbits need to stay dry and clean. One thing to remember, though, is that if you use any kind of wood on your rabbit cage, it is likely the rabbits will chew on it if they can get their teeth on it.

As far as space, a rabbit needs a minimum of nine square feet. Of course, you should give a bigger rabbit more space than that, and should always provide rabbits as much space as you can so they can actually be rabbits. Because of their small space needs, and the fact that they are generally a quiet animal, rabbits can make ideal livestock even within a city.

Your rabbits will need to be protected from the weather. During the summer, it is easy for rabbits to become overheated. In the winter, they need to stay dry and out of the wind. Though rabbits can breed year-round, the babies are susceptible to cold winter days and nights. On the other hand, during the hot summer days, your buck may become sterile. Because of these reasons, the best times for breeding are the spring and fall. You can extend your breeding by adding artificial lighting in the winter for the rabbits, though.

If you build a rabbit hutch, build it with a shelter on three sides. Use hardwire cloth on the hutch open areas and place something on the wire for the rabbits to stand on to avoid sore hocks. Regardless of the size rabbits you breed, they should be capable of stretching out and laying down fully in their hutch. Make sure the rabbits can stand up on their hind legs without touching their ears on the roof too.

Using the above ideas, you should be on your way to building suitable cages or hutches for your rabbitry. Feel free to leave a picture of your setup in the comments.