Learning to Butcher

As discussed in the previous post, there will be times where you must put down a rabbit. Even if you are not a meat breeder, things happen such as injuries that will require your rabbit to be put down mercifully. Though it can be difficult, it is necessary when raising rabbits.

Of course, as a meat breeder, dispatching rabbits is something I do regularly. It becomes less difficult over time, but still isn’t easy. The first rabbit I had to put down because of a broken back was the most difficult. Now, because of the size of our meat operation, we have someone else butcher and package our rabbits. To find our butcher, I spoke with people at the feed store to get his number. He was a small, local butcher who mostly works with rabbits and chickens, but also processes deer during hunting season. I was able to watch him a few times to become more proficient for the times I needed to do it myself, also, so that was nice. If I only have a few rabbits to dispatch, I will do it myself rather than taking them to the butcher. If you have Craigslist in your area, you can likely find someone to help you learn how to process your rabbits. It can also help you find other sellers to connect with locally.

If you are unable to find a local processor or someone to help you learn to do it yourself, you are in luck. With the technology available to us today, you can easily find videos on YouTube that will walk you through the process. Of course, learning hands-on from another person is best, but not everyone has that option.

Butchering can be difficult to do without the help of a mentor. If you are unable to find a mentor or a local butcher in your area, try using YouTube to learn to butcher for yourself. Don’t worry, you can’t mess up too much once the rabbit has been put down.